Two years post graduate program to make you a complete professional. The course curriculum is specifically designed to meet the Industrial requirement. Apart from the regular academics, Students are also subjected to various value addition certificate programs, which makes our students, the most sought after professionals in the market.

As a Post graduation program, We offer following specializations in MBA:-

Marketing Management :- This is one of the most widely sought specialization in MBA.  In this we learn about various marketing related things lsuch as advertising, branding, market research, and marketing globally and online, among many other topics.

Students opting for this specialization have following career opportunities:-

  • Marketing Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Marketing Research Analyst
  • Sales Manager
  • Media Planner
  • Retail Manager
  • Manager (Online Promotion)
  • Institutional Sales Manager (B2B)
  • Liaisoning Officer (G2C)
  • Event Promotion Manager
  • Layout Designer
  • Media Accounts Manager


Human Resource Management:- As you know HR is the most important part of any organization/company. So, the need of HR in every field is increasing. The “Human Resource Management” is a field that prepares you for the process of hiring of the workforce, providing development & training, maintaining workforce regulation, assessment of their performance, providing compensation & benefits, motivating, relation with labour, health, welfare and safety assessment”.

Following are the options available for an MBA HR to chose his/her Career from:-

  • Human Resource Planning Manager
  • Manager (Recruitment & Selection
  • Manager (Training & Development
  • Compensation Specialist
  • Law Officer
  • HR Consultant
  • Public Relations Manager
  • HR Auditor
  • Training and Placement Officer


Supply Chain Management: –  MBA supply chain management covers the  management of the entire process of developing a link between manufacturing unit and the consumers. MBA in supply chain management provides the learners an in-depth knowledge about the logistics and the supply chain functions. It is focused on the ultimate provision of product and service packages required by end customers.

A supply Chain Management course provides the following career opportunities for you:-

  • Customer Service Suport
  • Distribution and Supply Chain Mamager
  • Forecasting, Inventry Planner
  • Control, Operations Planner
  • Scheduling and Control Planner
  • Purchasing and Materials Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Process and Methods Planner
  • Plant Engineering Manager
  • Operations Process Consulting Personnel
  • Quality Manager
  • Traffic Manager
  • Warehouse Manager and Distributor


Financial Management:- MBA in Financial Management  builds foundation in statistics, leadership, economics, strategy and marketing.

Topics commonly taught through a finance MBA program includes, Stock market analysis, Foundations in finance, Global economy, Financial instruments, Market trading and volatility, Risk management, Bankruptcy, Corporate finance, Investment banking so on.

An MBA Finance has following options to choose from:-

  • Credit Analyst
  • Financial Officer
  • Financial Advisor
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Planner
  • Loan Officer
  • Investment Banker
  • Insurance Development Officer
  • Relations Manager
  • Bank Manager
  • Stock Broker
  • SEBI etc. ect.


IT/Systems Management:- Master of Business Administration (MBA) in information Technology is comparably a new course that has gained popularity recently. An MBA in IT is related to the business and management side of the IT field. Candidates having IT background may find some benefits for them in this course but the IT part is very basic and any other graduates won’t find any difficulty in it. This course integrates the growing demand of information technology with business management.

Following career prospects are open for an MBA IT/Systems:-

  • Systems Analyst
  • Database Administrator (DBA)
  • Manager (Data Warehousing and Mining)
  • Manager (Supply Chain Management)
  • Manager (ERP)
  • Network Administration
  • Manager (Information Security)
  • Manager (Online Retailing)
  • Manager (Internet Advertising)


Rural & Agribusiness Management:-  the course is about the application of management principles to the rural sector planning, Some other Sectors are the control of rural cooperatives and related organizations in the field of agriculture,& other rural activities. Implementation of the developmental plans and projects directly or indirectly through non-governmental organizations, development needs and ground realities of the rural areas and framing of developmental strategies and policies.


  • Research Officers
  • Rural Executives
  • Consultants
  • Project Co-coordinators
  • Rural Planning & coordination
  • Rural marketing Managers
  • Senior program officer
  • CSR officer
  • Rural Finance manager
  • Natural resource management
  • Rural Development officer


Entrepreneurship:- MBA in Entrepreneurship is a 2 year full time program specifically designed to impart experiential learning in the field of entrepreneurship developments, so as to fulfill the dreams of those who aspire to be entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial managers. The program encourages critical and lateral thinking, nurture their ambitions, and enable new ventures through an academically rigorous, directly relevant and highly practical learning experience.