Value Added Courses

Value Added  Courses

with the latest technologies pertaining to their chosen field of studies. GIET, Gunupur offers plenty number of value added programmes to get trained well.

Students have options to choose the courses according to their desire and inclination. Our students gain expertise through these value added programmes is a great boon which enables them to face the formidable challenges of the future. Every year thousand students had been benefited by this process.


B.Tech – Branch
1. Chemical Engineering 1. Paint Technology
2. Cement Technology
3. Paper Technology
4. Sugar Technology
5. Rubber Technology
6. Fine Chemicals
7. Petroleum Refining Technology
2. Computer Science & Engineering 1. JAVA
2. Oracle, DB2
3. RAD (IBM)
3. Information Technology 4. .Net
5. Linux
6. C/C++
4. Electronics & Communication Engineering 1. 3G Communication
2. VLSI (Basic Course), VHDl Programming
3. Swarm Technology – Robotics
5. Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering 4. Embedded System Design
6. Lab VIEW
7. PCB Design
6. Electrical Engineering 1. SCADA
2. PLC
7. Electrical & Electronics Engineering 3. Swarm Tech (Robotics)
8. Mechanical Engineering 1. AutoCAD
2. CATEA and Pro E
3. Certificate Course on Automobile Engineering
4. Welding Technology
5. Power Plant Operation & Maintenance
6. Ansys
9. Biotechnology 1. Medicinal – Plant Extraction
2. Vermi Compost
3. Mushroom Culture
4. Tissue Culture
5. Bio Fertilizer & Agricultural Bio-Pesticide
10. Civil Engineering 1. AutoCAD
2. Stadd Pro
3. Surveying

Language Learning Centre

The success of engineering graduates at the time of placement interview and business situations largely depends upon their excellent communication skills in English language. With a view to increase the professional competency of the GIETians, the institution has created Language Lab that develops their linguistic competency through various programmes.

Course offered:
Business English Certificates (BEC) Vantage, Training & Examination Centre. It’s a Cambridge English Language Assessment initiative.